ATLAS – Touch My Body

ATLAS is not just knocking on the door of success; he's kicking it down, Irish-style.

ATLAS – Touch My Body

ATLAS, the Guatemalan sonic sensation adopted by the Irish, is about to make your eardrums pleasantly throb with his latest track, 'Touch My Body', so hold onto your leprechauns, it's time for the bass to take center stage!

They say ATLAS is rapidly becoming one of Ireland's most talked-about producers, and we completely understand why. If his music were a pint of Guinness, it would be the kind that pours so smoothly, you'd swear it's been rehearsing for months.

ATLAS, born Mc Carthy, unleashed his beats at the iconic Academy Dublin, warming up the crowd for John Gibbons like a musical maestro sprinkling lucky charms on the dance floor. And just when you think the craic couldn't get any better, he hits you with 'Touch My Body,' a track so gritty and throbbing, it could make a tomato blush.

Now signed by Spinnin' Records, ATLAS is not just knocking on the door of success; he's kicking it down, Irish-style. 'Touch My Body' is a sonic rollercoaster that takes you on a journey through a gritty, late-night vibe, complete with a grinding bass core that's more infectious than the spirit on Sunday morning at the local Baptist church.

ATLAS describes the track as a return to his Tech House roots, reminiscent of 'Ain't My Thing,' one of his most successful tracks. If this is ATLAS going back to his roots, what are we going to hear when he starts branching out? 

With a live show that's generating more interest than a pub with free pints, ATLAS is the name you'll want to scribble on every club flyer. From the Electric Piano to who knows where in the coming months, this Donegal-based producer is set for lift-off, and we're just lucky enough to be along for the ride. 

Grab your dancing shoes, your pick of poison, and get ready to let ATLAS 'Touch Your Body' in ways you never knew it wanted. ATLAS, take a bow – you've just made the entire Irish club scene a lot more electrifying! Sláinte!