Juan NW – Touch Me

Juan NW's new single, "Touch Me," is like the musical equivalent of a perfectly executed magic trick.

Juan NW – Touch Me

Juan NW's new single, "Touch Me," is like the musical equivalent of a perfectly executed magic trick – it's simple, yet leaves you wondering, "How did he just do that?" This multi-lingual maestro of beats has once again proven why he's a force to be reckoned with in the world of House music.

With more awards under his belt than your grandma's knitting trophies, Juan NW brings us a track that's as stripped down as a nudist beach in winter. "Touch Me" is a minimalist masterpiece that pays homage to the golden days of House and Techno, taking us on a sonic journey through the alleys of UK House and the boulevards of early Detroit and Belgian Techno. It's like Juan raided the musical vaults of GTO, Code Red, Sub System, and Outlander, then sprinkled a dash of Micro House magic from Hostom and Priku.

This track is so minimal it makes a stick figure look like a Michelangelo masterpiece. Starting with a Belgian piano stab, a kick drum that's more consistent than your morning coffee, and a vocal hook that loops like a cat chasing its tail – "Touch Me" builds slowly, like a suspenseful plot twist in a telenovela. And just when you think it couldn't get any more straightforward, Juan throws in subtle variations that hit you like a surprise plot twist – keeping your interest piqued without cluttering the purity of the tune.

This is the kind of music you want in your playlist when the club is in full swing, the dance floor is hotter than a Texas BBQ, and all you want to do is lose yourself in the rhythm without unnecessary distractions. "Touch Me" is the auditory equivalent of a perfectly mixed cocktail – it's smooth, it's refreshing, and it leaves you wanting more.

So, if you haven't hopped on the Juan NW train yet, it's time to grab your ticket and take a ride. Head over to Spotify, press play on "Touch Me," (out on March 14th) and let the beats do the talking. And if you missed our review of his last release, "Move Your Body," well, let's just say you're missing out on some serious musical euphoria. Juan NW – where minimalism meets magic, and the dance floor is the stage for his sonic sorcery. All aboard!