Kieran Ollin & Levi Batkin - Look At You

A musical nod to the glory days of the 90s staked with piano-house goodness

Kieran Ollin & Levi Batkin - Look At You

Kieran Ollin and Levi Batkin just dropped a summer banger hotter than a sunburn on Brighton Beach. Their new single "Look At You" is a musical nod to the glory days of the 90s, complete with all the piano-house goodness you never knew you needed.

With vocals catchier than a cold in winter and beats bouncier than yo momma on a space hopper, this song’s an  anthem in the making. They’ve distilled the essence of Friday night into a three-minute jam that'll have you lit 'til dawn.

Any time I look at you on Friday night? Be warned, it’s an earworm. It's gonna be stuck in your head for days…It’s one of those tunes you just can't shake. From the side-chained piano and organ, to the cleverly looped vocals, "Look At You" is a rollercoaster that'll leave you breathless and begging for more. And unsurprisingly…Singing to yourself without realizing. Like…When you’re washing a mug, or plate, or something, and it’ll be there…Grooving away in the back of your psyche, wearing little fluffy go-go boots and enough glitter to put Boney-M to shame. Or…Maybe that’s just me!? 😆

So…If you're ready to inject some serious groove into your spring/summer playlist, do yourself a favor and add "Look At You" to the top of the queue. Your ears will thank you, your neighbors will envy you, and Spotify will worship you like a deity.