MPLYR Token Uses

Send a submission to one of our playlists and our team will review your music and social profiles. If we think you are a good fit, you will be invited to our Discord channel. You will need to stream at least once per week to stay in the playlist.

For each additional play, you will earn MPLYR tokens. You can earn MPLYR tokens every week, for every playlist you are featured on.

If you’d like your track to be featured in the top five positions of a given playlist for one month, simply send 200 MPLYR to the group wallet, for a top 10 position, send 100 MPLYR.

Each time you share our posts and playlist announcements on social media, presave one of our members presaves, or purchase one of their downloads you will receive MYPLR tokens. 

Once our platform is more established you’ll be able to buy and sell NFTs using our native token.

Our platform is built on the Waves Blockchain. Waves is a (PoS) Proof-of-Stake blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin and Etherium, PoS blockchains do not rely on massive amounts of computing power to secure the blockchain, instead, token holders stake their tokens to secure transactions on the network. 

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